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    How often do you withhold information to avoid getting into trouble?

    Research-based skills that yield results

    VitalSmarts training combines 50 years of the best social science research with more than 30 years of our own study of top performers to find out what separates the best from the rest. The outcome is research-based, award-winning methodologies that focus on teaching best-practice behaviors to employees at all levels. Choose from our suite of training courses:

    Crucial Conversations

    Foster open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics.

    Crucial Accountability

    Enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution.


    Drive rapid and sustainable behavior change for teams and entire organizations.

    Why VitalSmarts?

    Our mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations become measurably more vital through significant, rapid, and sustainable behavior change. We can help your organization change for good.

    We teach employees and business leaders how to:

    • Dialogue safely about any topic
    • Achieve universal accountability
    • Help leaders influence organization-wide behavior
    • Increase employee engagement through self-directed change


    Our Company

    VitalSmarts has trained more than two million people worldwide and helped more than 300 of the Fortune 500 realize significant results using this proven method for driving rapid, sustainable and measurable change in behaviors.

    In Switzerland, it is through VitalSmarts Switzerland, a consulting service of Inspiring Culture LLC and Xponential LLC, that thousand of people have already attended Crucial Conversations and Influencer from all major industries like pharma, finance, technology or insurance, in all these locations:



    Proven Results

    More than 300 of the Fortune 500 have recognized the direct connection between their successes and our training solutions. We’ve taught more than 700,000 people worldwide and our clients have experienced the following results:

    • Quality improvements of 30-40%
    • Grievance reductions of 90%
    • Turnover reductions of 50%
    • Employee satisfaction improvements of 80%
    • Cycle time reductions of 70%
    • Safety/compliance improvements of 40-60%